Your perfect getaway in Provincetown

Now if you still want to book, the following may still impact your stay. Please understand all these protocols and rules are either enforced or recommended by the governor and/or the Board of Health. We have zero intentions to add inconvenience to our guests...

(Subject to change if the Board of Health announces new protocols)

What you should know before you book

 Our COVID-19 Protocols for the Entire Season of 2020

Howards End Guest House

  • All Provincetown public events in year 2020 have been cancelled. Including the Portuguese Festival, 4th of July, Bear Week, Girl Splash, Family Week, Carnival, White Parties, Women's Week, Spooky Bear, etc.
  • T Dance may not happen this year.
  • There may not be any kind of shows this year.
  • It is MANDATORY to wear a face mask and practice social distancing when you are in public areas.
  • Some local business decided to keep closed for the entire season of 2020.
  • Some local business (restaurants, gift shops, etc.) are opened based on the governor's reopening protocols.
  • Governor Baker and Board of Health want to urge all "out of state" visitors are to quarantine  for 14 days once they arrive in Massachusetts. People won't be forced to do it, but it is highly recommended.
  • Provincetown's information page on COVID-19
  • Massachusetts COVID-19 Updates and Information

Check in:

  • Please bring face masks with you. At this point, it is MANDATORY for people to wear a mask in most of the public areas in Provincetown. And the Board of Health requires guests to wear a mask when they are walking in common spaces in our house, such as hallways and stairs. It does NOT have to be a medical or N95 mask. A simple cloth mask would do, or even just using a bandana to cover your mouth and nose.

  • Please bring your own umbrellas, beach towels, etc. And we cannot provide these to our guests in Season 2020.

  • Please bring your own cooler. We can’t let guests use our guest refrigerator based on the order of the Board of Health.

  • Please call us about 10 minutes before your arrival. This is because the Board of Health require us to avoid different guests checking in at the same time.

  • For people who booked directly with us, we will process the payment by the credit card we have on file after you check in. Let us know if you need a copy of the receipt.

  • Because of the pandemic, during the season of 2020, we are unable to provide any parking passes as we usually do. There will be plenty of parking spaces in Provincetown, as all public events in 2020 are cancelled.

  • We encourage people to do self check-in as long as possible. We will send you the instructions before your trip. For people who arrive after 9pm, self check-in is mandatory.

  • We cannot help you to move your luggage based on the Board of Health’s order. So please make sure you are able to do it as our stairs are kind of steep (1840 house).

When you are here:

  • All Guests MUST be at least 6 feet from each other unless they are staying in the same guest room or belong to the same household.

  • Guests and staff of Howards End MUST be at least 6 feet away from each other.

  • Guests MUST NOT let any people who are not staying at Howards End enter the property, including the courtyard, back yard and patio.

  • Board of Health requires us to remove all brochures, magazines, maps, or guides from the guest rooms.

  • We can only provide plastic cups. Usage of regular glasses are prohibited by the Board of Health.

  • We will not provide any room service unless it is really necessary (e.g. liquid splashed on bed sheets, etc.). This is recommended by the Board of Health. Also we cannot do any room service when guests are in their rooms.

  • It is recommended that guests should use the hand sanitizer provided after they have touched the door knob of the main entrance.

  • We will have a limited menu of our continental breakfast. Guests are required to make an order by calling us. We will prepare and put it in a disposable package.

  • Dining room is only accessible for breakfast. Only one party is allowed at the same time. So guests need to communicate with us before they show up for breakfast.

  • Our living room and kitchen will be closed to guests based on the requirement of the Board of Health, i.e. no guest access to Microwave oven.

  • Except for breakfast time, guests can only access the patio through the gate on Winslow Street. i.e. The door from the dining room to the patio cannot be used by the guests. And please practice social distancing and stay at least 6 feet away from other guests.

Check out:

  • On time check-out is mandatory. During this special time, we are required to do deep cleaning and sanitation after guests check out. This will take much longer time than usual.

  • We may be able to let you leave your luggage in our courtyard after you check out. But do it at your own risk, as it is not guarded...